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If you are injured while working, you may be covered by California’s worker’s compensation insurance system. Depending upon the circumstances surrounding the injury, you may also have a right to recover from a third-party (not your employer or co-worker) who is legally responsible for the injury.


California law requires most employers to contribute to the workers’ compensation fund, which compensates people injured on the job.

California’s Workers’ Compensation Act requires almost all employers to carry insurance for its workers. The Workers Compensation Act limits the liability of the employer and fellow employees, so workers generally cannot sue their employer, even if the employer was negligent. The law provides that employers must obtain insurance to cover potential workers’ compensation claims and sets up a fund for claims where the employer has not properly purchased insurance.

It is entirely possible to go through the process without an attorney, but it is still important to understand the system and know your rights. If you are injured on the job – particularly if the injury is serious – you should discuss the situation with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.