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Debt relief is a fundamental concept in the American legal/political framework.  We have a long history of protecting consumers from oppressive lending and collection practices, and even provided for bankruptcy procedures in the original U.S. Constitution.


Consumer credit is a multi-billion dollar industry that has lobbied the government to allow credit-card companies to charge extraordinarily high interest rates and fees that many feel should be unlawful.

There are, however, many pro-consumer laws and organizations that prohibit creditors from engaging in certain practices and require specific disclosures and conduct both for the issuance and collection of accounts. If your debt has become unmanageable and you are receiving calls or letters from collection agencies, you should take action and know your rights.

BEWARE of “debt reduction, debt consolidation, and debt negotiation” companies, however, as they can be scams and often do more harm than good.

To learn about your options when faced with overwhelming credit card debt or never-ending collection calls and letters, see our CREDIT CARD DEBT page.


If you are at the point that you can’t pay your bills, whether through circumstances beyond your control (such as a disability), or simply as the result of overspending, you should know about the bankruptcy process.

Bankruptcy presents an opportunity to get you back on your feet. Many people feel uncomfortable with the prosepect of bankruptcy and associate a stigma to the term, but the bankruptcy process can also be viewed as a “second chance.”

Throughout history, many prominent figures have declared bankruptcy, including: Walt Disney, Donald Trump, chocolate tycoon Milton Hershey, P.T. Barnum, Mark Twain, Jerry Lee Lewis, Michael Jackson, Dorothy Hamill, Lawrence Taylor, pitcher Gaylord Perry and even Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.

Bankruptcy may afford you the opportunity to eliminate some or all of your debt, and possibly keep your home and car! For more information about the bankruptcy process, click here